Materials Square (MatSQ) is a web-based simulation platform which combines an intuitive interface and convenient workflow with affordable cloud-computing to offer materials simulations for everyone.

  • Materials simulations for everyone
  • Saving time and money for computing resource management

  • Intuitive web-based simulation platform
  • On-demand and/or dedicated cloud computing
  • User-friendly interface
  • Data visualization on web – for your fast decision and rich inspiration
  • Free atomic structure manipulator
  • We provide highly functional and free structure manipulator compatible with various crystal information file formats, such as CIF, POSCAR (VASP), and xyz.
  • You can upload or download the crystal structure files in any format.
  • High-quality data for your research and publications
  • We provide computing environment for finest data quality that meet the standards of scientific publications and realistic materials research
  • Efficient job management
  • You can take advantage of Materials Squares’ job management page, which provides intuitive and convenient platform that helps you to manage your computation jobs and data.

MatSQ support various channel to provides user-friendly customer center. You can contact us by using chatbot, email, Kakaotalk. Select one and send a message. We will respond as soon as possible.

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