The Account page allows you to edit personal information, view your submitted jobs, and keep track of purchased credits.

At the top of the Account page, you can amend and modify your personal details.
To change your password, click on the blue gear icon and enter a new password in the dedicated fields.

With Maxflops you have the option to book a dedicated server for your jobs in-stead of using the default on-demand computing. This can reduce costs up to 35%, depending on contract.
To access this function, request an account and API key from MatSQ (email:
Once you receive the required information, you can activate Maxflops in the personal details section.
Click the blue gear icon on the account page; then enter the server’s IP address as well as your account name and API key.
Finally, before submitting a job, change the menu option Resource from On demand to Maxflops in the simulator module you’re working with.

The Jobs section provides information about all computation jobs that have been successfully completed.

ID A unique value to distinguish it from other jobs. Do not confuse with Work ID.
Name The name of the job
# Nodes The number of resources used for computation. Before job submission, you can adjust this in the simulator module.
Status The status of jobs. Either finished or fail. If you see fail, see troubleshooting .
Calculation time Computational time of the job (GMT)
Credits Computational cost of the job
Started/Finished Date and time of job start/end
Parent Work The work page the job belonging to

The Credits section shows a list of your purchased credits, stating the amount and date of purchase.

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