The Data page lists all calculation jobs in one place and provides the data files of each successful job.
Here, you can read, compare, and download the output data of your simulations.

Once you’ve submitted a job from one of the simulators, it will appear in the Data list.
The far right column informs about the job status (prepare, running, finished, fail).
Reload the page (press F5 on your keyboard) to update the status. In addition, you can see all currently running jobs in the header bar next to your credit balance in the top right corner of the screen.
Click on the icon to view further information about the running jobs, such as elapsed time or the number of servers used.
In the same window, you can also cancel a running job. To do so, click on the red stop symbol and confirm that you want to stop the computation.

On the Data page, you can select one or more jobs by clicking on them. The little checkboxes on the left tell you which jobs are currently selected.
If at least one job is selected, all corresponding data files will show up in the Files section below the list. Click on one of the files to read it. If two or more jobs have been selected, the file of each respective job will be displayed one underneath the other.
Scrolling is synchronized in all windows; this allows you to compare the files line by line. Reading the output file is already possible while the job is still running. This allows you to check the progress of the simulation and see, for example, whether energy values are converging properly. However, synchronization of the output file might be delayed; in general you will not be able to see “live footage” of the simulation.
You can download the data for further processing. Click the button beneath the File list to save all files of the selected jobs in a compressed folder on your hard drive.

This page has been created by SimPL. Last update: January 4 2019