Creating a MatSQ user account is very easy and free of charge! All you need is an email address.
Go to , click the button, enter your email address and choose a password.
You will receive an email with a link to activate your account.
To log in once your account is activated, insert your email and password, then click .

Scroll down in the main page or the account page to see a simple explanation of MatSQ.

MatSQ offer example videos to help new users. Click to see how to use MatSQ for your research.
If you still have a challenge using MatSQ, see Materials Square Documentation or contact us using chatbot or e-mail!

Before submitting a job, make sure that your account has sufficient funds.
To buy more credits, click on the number next to the $ symbol in the top right corner of the screen.
Select the amount you’d like to recharge; then click and follow the instructions.

We offer free user training programs. Contact us to make a meeting appointment. You can also get a video meeting with Google Hangouts.

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