The Account page lets you modify your account information, view credit top-up/use history, and manage your custom pseudopotential files and deleted works.

You can modify your account information at the top of the Account page. Once you have entered the information you wish to modify, press the Done button to change the information.

MAXFlops allows you to use servers that are dedicated to groups instead of on-demand servers that MatSQ uses by default. The use of MAXFlops can save cost by up to 35% on a contract basis. Refer to the Inquiry Documentation to subscribe to MAXFlops.
When you use MAXFlops, you receive the server’s IP address, account, and API key information. You can enter these to activate MAXFlops in MatSQ. When the registration is complete, change the Resource from On-Demand to MAXFlops from the Job Submit option in the simulator module to submit your work.
☞ MAXFlops's official website:
☞ MAXFlops Brochure: PDF Download

Credit usage and top-up information are available in Credits.

Potential data allows you to add the pseudopotential data used by Quantum Espresso. Prepare a pseudopotential file to add, press the  + button to fill in the required information, then, press the Add button. If the information you enter contains a space, it may not be saved properly.

Jobs deleted from the Data page can be found in the Recycle Bin. Jobs that have been moved to the Recycle Bin are completely deleted after a set time.
Click on the Recycle button to restore the job, which you do not want to delete, on the Data page.

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