The Account page lets you modify your account information, top-up credit, view credit top-up/use history, and manage your custom pseudopotential files.

You can modify your account information. Once you have entered the information you desired to edit, click the button and enter your password to change the information.

It displays the information about all calculation jobs performed on this account.

You can check the history used credits by clikcking Credit Report button. The history is only for the job performed when setting as 'Billing Type: Personal'.

Enter the desired amount directly, you can top up the credits by clicking the button. The cost will be charged to the added 'Payment Method'.
For bulk charging, you can receive the 'Atom Pack' discount option.

Invite your friends, and you can receive a $10 credit.

Change the billing information here. If you are a member of any group, you can change the 'Billing Type'. After changing the billing type, press button and enter your passwords to change the information.
In the 'Payment Method', you can add a credit card to proceed with payment. Add a credit card by clicking button.

In 'Storage', you can change the volume of the cloud storage where the data will be stored. A basic 100 GiB is provided, and If you're approaching storage limits for your basic usage, you can purchase a plan that offers more storage space. After selecting the desired plan, click the button and enter your password. The cost will be charged to the added 'Payment Method'.
In 'Unlimited Plan', you can subscript the plan. To purchase a subscription plan, change the 'Unlimited Plan', click the button and enter your password. The cost will be charged to the added 'Payment Method'. For the detail, please refer to MatSQ Unlimited Plan . Currently, the subscription plan is only available to a single user (Billing Type: Personal).

You can check the payment details so far, and click the Invoice button to check the receipt of the transaction.

Add the pseudopotential data used by Quantum Espresso. Prepare a pseudopotential file to add, press the 'Add & Modify' tab to fill in the required information, then press button. If the information you enter contains a space, it may not be saved correctly. You should paste the all text of the pseudopotential file to the 'Content.'
For the detail of pseudopotential, please refer to #19 Pseudopotential for Efficient Simulation, or Quantum Espresso official documentation.

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