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Go to www.matsq.com and click on the Free Register button to enter your email address (to be used as your account ID) and account password. Please enter your active email address to activate your account. Log in to your email, and click the Activate Account button to activate your account.

Enter your email address and password to log in to your account, and press the Sign In button. . Tick on Remember Me, and sign in for a quick login at the next login.
If you wish to change your password for security reasons or because you have forgotten it, you can reset it by clicking on the Forgot password? link.

Scroll down on the main page to see a brief introduction and examples of MatSQ.

You can view the three most recent samples. The sample description can be found at the Blog link below, and the data obtained from MatSQ can be checked by clicking on the button.
Click on the More Samples link to view all available samples.

If you have difficulty using MatSQ, please read the Materials Square Documentationor you can apply for user training.

Before submitting a simulation job, make sure that your account has sufficient credit.
To proceed with credit top-up, press the Credit Information on the top bar to select a top-up amount, press the “Purchase” button, and follow the instructions to proceed.

MatSQ provides free off-line user training throughout Korea. To apply for a user training program, please contact us by referring to our Inquiry document.
An online meeting through Google Hangout is also available for people overseas or far from us.

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